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Why People Can’t Learn English?

This is not true for everyone because English is not a language to not learn. There are many people who can learn English very easily. There are several reasons for not learning English. If these reasons are eliminated learning will begin to occur.

  • Unwillingness

Some people are eagar  when they start but after a while they lost this desire and give up to learn. Because English is very difficult for them and they think as if they will never learn. Please never give up!

  • Laziness

Studying is very difficult for some people. Especially for people who finished school years ago, the psychology of being a student again is very difficult.

  • Timelessness

Some people are both ready to study and very eager but unfortunately they don’t have time. If you are one of these people please make time somehow and don’t miss out on learning English.

  • Fear

Some people are oddly afraid of learning English. Although they want it very much they are also scared Because there is a big prejudice on people that English is very difficult please try it you will succeed.

  • Shame

Some people are embarrassed to speak a foreign language and therefore they never think to even learn. Some of the English learners also have the fear of speaking. They know, but they never dare to speak so they never use their English and forget it. What a pity isnt it? If you want to learn English please start right now don’t delay it. Good luck guys.

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