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Why is English Important?

English is common lenguage that we meet more or less it in our daily life and still is the most favorite foreign language that we intend to learn at some point in our lives. Although most of us are not aware of it, English is very much in our lives. Knowing English gives you prestige and qualifies you, which gives you the chance to get a good job. Today, there are very few companies that do not want you to know English. Almost all companies are looking for a requirement to speak English. And it is important to note that world trade is made usin;g English and still the world language is English.

In addition, it puts you forward in your education life and allows you to achieve your academic career goal. Imagine you are a doctor. Knowing English is the most important part of your profession. In fact, it is indispensable because learning the developments in medicine in the world depends on knowing English.

Today, conferences on many professions are being made in English. In this respect, your knowledge of English will advance you in your branch.

English is spoken in all countries around the world and the common language of communication is English. With a very simple example, you need English for new friendships. Making friends from different cultures will improve your perspective and horizons. It provides you a great advantage when you go abroad. You will have the opportunity to travel alone.

It is essential to know English in order to carry out advanced research on a subject on internet and to reach different resources because the articles of international studies with scientific reality are prepared in English for everyone to reach. Don’t you come across some words in English even when chatting with your friends? Maybe some of them you can’t understand even. English is everywhere now.

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