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When Do We Need Technical Terms in English?

Actually English is English. Do not think that there are two different English. English technical terms are also a part of English and one day everyone might need them. Technical words are specific to some professions and those who do these professions need to learn. Not everyone has to learn. Our advice to those who have basic English knowledge and want to get English knowledge specific to the sector they serve is to determine the technical terms used in their sector.

Later, they will need to learn the writing, pronunciation and usage of these words in sentences. What needs to be done is not difficult. No one will learn any other English when it comes to technical words or technical English. Bankers, lawyers, export-import experts,software engineers, construction engineers, architects use technical English. This is also called business English. Because technical terms are not used in everyday speech, they are not taught in schools and courses.

Those who need these words can find them in the English technical terms dictionary or online.

It will be enouhg to memorize not all the technical words in the dictionary but only the most used ones in the profession. You can find some technical words we have prepared for you below.

Board, Application, Motorized, Initialize, Valid, Invalid, Setup, Headquarter, Fundmental, Error, Design, Cancel, Adjust, Confirm, Drawing, Machine, Resolve, Turn on, Turn off, Partition, User, Account, Swift, Fob, Mainframe, In size, Proforma, Invoice, Bill of Loading, Documents, Back up.

Many technical terms are included in our English business tests.

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