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What Are The Mistakes Made When Learning English?

  • The biggest mistake is trying to speak English by comparing it with Turkish. Please don’t do that because every language is unique and has its own rules and forms. And languages ​​are made up of their own culture. Therefore if you make a  sentence by thinking like it in Turkish, you may not find its equivalent in English and the other person that you speak will not be able to understand you.
  • You won’t learn English by learning grammar. English doesn’t just consist of tenses. There are many subjects to learn as well.  It would be a mistake to try to speak English without having a full command of English.
  • Not learning English idioms. It is wrong to be content with learning at school or in a course. Never ending learning and to learn English never end. There are too many idioms used in daily conversation in English. Trying to speak without knowing them is a mistake.
  • Stop studing. If you do not live in an English-speaking country such as America, you will have to repeat what you have learned every day, otherwise you will forget because you do not use English every day.
  • To not know own language. English can not be learned without knowing what the verb, time expression, pronoun, adjective, noun means. Because these are available in English as well as in Turkish. It is a mistake to learn another language without knowing all the elements that make up a language because all of the items that we listed above exist in all languages.

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