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Things to Pay Attention While Taking an English Test

Subject comes first in English language sentences. The subject is followed by verb and the coplement after the verb. You have to keep this form in your mind. From this point of view whichever part is missing in the question, subject, verb or complement should be searched for the answer options.

Secondly if there is a word that starts with a capital letter it should be placed at the beginning of the question sentence. Or if the first word of the question sentence is asked the option or options that start with a capital letter should be taken into consideration.

Extra attention should be paid the frequently confused word groups. If you miss this point you will answer the question incorrectly.

It is one of the common mistakes to forget that the verb is shaped according to the subject. Because English has additional actions and they vary depending on the subject. Some tenses has not additional action. Because in English the form of each tense is different.

One of the important points is that the sentence that gives the same meaning to the sentence given in the question is searched in the answer options. These sentences are created by making synonyms, simplifications and changes in grammatical forms. It should be particularly paid attention these and studied on them.

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