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The Most Common English Phrases Used in Daily Life

The Most Used Word Groups in Daily Life

The thing that makes our job the easiest in learning English is patterns. We can talk meaningfully with the mold that we learned a few. Because patterns are short and easy to learn.

Below are some of the common patterns you will encounter in your daily life while learning English.

  • Excuse me

It is a pattern we all use frequently. When you ask someone about the time or ask for something from someone you can use this pattern whenever you want.

For example; Excuse me what time is it?

  • I really appreciate

A pattern used to say thank you. For example; I really appreciate for the ticket.

  • I’m sorry

It is the most common pattern use of daily English that we use most. We use it to apologize. To use this pattern will be correct when you make a mistake or something wrong. For example  I dropped it I’m sorry.

  •  Thank you so much.

Another pattern used in thanking. It is one of the most used patterns in daily life. For example; Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

  • What do you think?

This is our pattern used to learn someone’s opinion. For example; What do you think about the match?

  • Never mind.

We use it to mean it doesn’t matter or whatever.

For example; Never mind we handle it later.

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