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Tenses in English

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Of course, English does not only consist of tenses but tenses in English, like all other languages are based on time. It is essential to learn all the tenses correctly in English. In this way background of English occurs.

There are own rules of each tenses in English. To know these rules is very important and necessary. To learn tenses means finishing an important part of the job.

There are basically 12 tense in English. Let’s have a look at.

  1. Simple Present Tense

For example; I get up at 07:00 everymorning.

  1. Present Continuous Tense

For example; I am having breakfast now.

  1. Future Tense

For example; He will come to us the day after tomorrow

  1. Future Continuous Tense

For example; They will be waitig for you.

  1. Simple Past Tense

For example; She bought her bag abroad last year.

  1. Past Continuous Tense

For example; It was terrible weather two days ago.

  1. Present Perfect Tense

For example; We have gone to Antalya.

  1. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

For example; It has been raining a lot for the days.

  1. Past Perfect Tense

For example; I had eaten my food already.

  1. Future Perfect Tense

For example; She will have learned English within 2 years

  1. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

For example; My mom had been cleaning the house 1 hour ago.

  1. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

For example; We will have been listening to the teacher tomorrow morning.

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