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Some Advices for Those Who Say I Can Understand English But I Can not Speak English

You must have encountered people who say they understand English but can not speak English, right? Maybe even one of them is you. In fact, the main reason for this is the lack of practice in speaking and to not speak English every day. If your grammar and vocabulary is sufficient, you should immediately take action to practice speaking. So how do you practice speaking? Of course, you can only do this with someone who knows English well and speaks well. This is not something you can do alone. You will definitely need help with this.

For this, you can register for the classes of teachers who teach English online on the internet. There are very successful teachers who teach online on internet and most of them have educated abroad like America, England and speak English very well. And they speak English like their mother language.

You can practice speaking by taking private lessons from these teachers or taking lessons with other students in group classes. You will get the great benefit of this. But if your budget is not suitable for this, it would be great if you can practice speaking with your own possibilities is gonna be better. Maybe you can make a friend from abroad and talk to him / her by video on skype or whats up. Now, English is taught in a very systematic and advanced way. Especially in private courses and online lessons, either native English speaking teachers or English speaking teachers like native speakers give lesson. Students are very lucky today. If you have the opportunity, if you can attend these classes, you can improve your speech with pleasure. It will also increase your desire to see that you can speak.

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