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Mistakes Made While Learning English

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Learning English is now easy! Because the conditions 20-30 years ago and today’s conditions are very different. With the developing technology, it is now easier to reach information. In particular, you can find many documents for learning English online and take online English tests. Besides, some mistakes can be made while learning English. I want to mention them now.

  • Fear of Making Mistakes: Did you know that most people can not learn English for fear of making mistakes?  It is not possible to learn without making mistakes. Because you will make a lot of mistakes while you are learning English. This is perfectly normal and part of the process.
  • Not Studying with the Right Techniques: Everyone’s working technique is different. You should discover the best study technique for you   and use it while studying.
  • To Hurry: It is a great mistake to want to speak English in a very short time. Many people want this. You have to be patient, take your time. Hurrying brings failure.
  • To Not Believe in Yourself: Yes, learning English is not easy, but it is not impossible. You can not learn if you think that you can not learn. When you trust yourself and study, you will learn like everyone else.
  • Not Studying: If you do not study, you cannot learn. Learning develops just when you start studying. You need to reinforce what you have learned by studying, and make sentences by writing yourself. Studying with writing also helps you memorize how words are wrotten in English.
  • Unwillingness: You should really want to learn English. You can not learn if you try to learn by someone’s force. The reason why many students fail at school is that they do not want to, they are forced by their families.
  • Narrow Perspective: When speaking and writing in English, you should take a versatile approach and think multi-faceted. As we said before, languages ​​are formed by being influenced by cultures. As we said before, languages ​​are formed by being influenced by cultures. Therefore, a sentence in your language may not match English, in which case you have to explain it in another way that gives the same meaning. If you don’t get used to thinking of a sentence from other ways, you will never be able to make some sentences.

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