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List of Commonly Used English Abbreviations

List of Commonly Used English Abbreviations

The abbreviations that we often encounter, especially on social media, may seem meaningless and confuse you. Just like in Turkish, there are abbreviations in English that are created to use certain patterns. These abbreviations, which are only used in daily language, will be quite clumsy to use in professional life. Therefore, be careful not to use the English phrases you will learn in this article in your formal conversations. But otherwise, when you meet a foreigner and communicate with them, whether on social media or messaging apps, you can use these English abbreviations, write your English messages in this way and have a much more sincere conversation.

English Acronyms and Their Meanings:

If you play online games, read blogs and forums, or are active on social media, we are sure that you have come across each of these abbreviations at least once and wondered what they mean. With this article, you will learn these abbreviations and their meanings and you will be able to adapt them to your texts very easily while expressing your opinion and communicating!

Abbreviation Opening Meaning Description
LOL Laughing out loud I’m laughing out loud You can use it when the other person writes something funny.
OMG Oh my God Oh my God Expression of surprise, astonishment.
BRB Be right back I’ll be right back You can write as soon as you get up from the keyboard.
TGIF Thank God, it’s Friday thank god it’s friday It is used for the weekend, especially on social media.
TBT Throwback Thursday Comeback Thursday Thursday is the old photo sharing day on Instagram. It is the label used in those moments.
BFF Best Friends Forever best friends forever Used for best friends. It is also one of the hashtags used in social media.
IRL In real life In real life It is used when talking about real life outside the internet.
NVM Nevermind Nevermind
NM Not much Not a lot
FOMO Fear of missing out Fear of missing something This very popular term is used for the feeling of feeling like we are missing something in life, like we are missing out on life.
OMV On my way I’m on my way Used in a pre-meeting message
THX Thanks Thank you
IDK I don’t know I do not know
PPL People People
SMH Shaking my head I shake my head It is used to express that you understand the other person.
BUT Ask me anything Ask what you want It is used in forums to indicate that you can ask that person whatever you want.
JK Just kidding I am kidding
IMO In my opinion In my opinion It is used at the beginning of a sentence when expressing an idea.
TBH To be honest To be honest
FYI For your information for your information It is used at the beginning of a sentence to give personal information about a subject.
TMI Too much information too much information It is used to say that unnecessary information is given about a subject.
IDC I don’t care I do not care
ICYMI In case you missed it In case you missed it It is used as a reminder if you miss a file, content, comment.
HBD Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
HB2U Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday If you want, you can also use it while celebrating a birthday.
POTD Photo of the day Photo of the day It is one of the hashtags written under the photos on social media.
TTYL Talk to you later We will speak later It is used to end the conversation and indicate that it will continue later.
AFAIK As far as I know As far as I know It is used to share your own knowledge about a subject.
LMK Let me know Be sure to let me know It is used when you want to get information for a need, request, news.
C U See you See you
L8R Later See you later It is the shortest abbreviation that means “see you soon”.
BTW By the way By the way
DIY Do It Yourself Do it yourself It is the term used to describe that you can make a product yourself from a number of materials.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions It is the section where the most frequently asked questions from users on websites are.
TBC To Be Continued To be continued It is used at the end to indicate the continuation for serials and serialized articles.
POV Point of View Perspective It is used to express the opinion of a person or someone else.
noob Newbie new contact Used for new members in games and forums.
N/A Not Available Not available It is used when any file/information online is not accessible.
ROFL Rolling on the Floor Laughing I’m rolling on the floor laughing It is used to indicate that you are laughing.
RSVP Please answer (English) Please answer It is an acronym that tells you to indicate whether you will attend events and invitations.
PS Post Script Footnote It is used to make explanations at the end of the texts.
ASAP As soon as possible as soon as possible It is used to indicate that a request or request will be delivered as soon as possible.
ILY I love you I love you
IN You Joyful
Sup? What’s up? How are you? Hal is used to ask for memory.
Gr8 Great Super It is used to express feelings and situations.
ATB All the best Goodbye! It is a pattern that also indicates good wishes while saying goodbye.
BAE Baby (Before Anyone Else) Boyfriend/Girlfriend It is a pattern that is often used, especially among young people.
PLS Please Please
XOXO Hugs and Kisses Kisses and Hugs It is used to indicate that you kissed and hugged that person while saying goodbye.

Example Dialogue:

A: Sup?

B: Fine, u?

A: Gr8, thx! Did you RSVP’d to the event on Thursday?

B: Yes, I’m coming! How about you?

A: I’ll be there, too! ICYMI, you have to dress casual.

B: SMH, I know, I read it in FAQ.

A: Cool, brb!


A: I’m back!

B: Welcome but I have to go! Ttyl!

A: Oh okay, c u l8r!


Frequently used abbreviations in English and their meanings. We have prepared a table of abbreviations used in English.

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