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Learning English by Writing

  • There is no such thing as learning English just by writing. English is a whole as writing, reading, speaking and listening. We start with learning English grammar and we are making  writing, reading, speaking and listening as well together.
  • We can’t think of writing independently from English, but we can’t learn English using only this technique alone. English is not a language written as it is read, we should all know this rule. Therefore, we should also study on writing.
  • In other words, we must learn both how to read and write a word in English. If we only learn pronunciation and do not study on writing, we can communicate with people only when we talk, writing will not be correct and we can not explain what we mean. Another disadvantage of not knowing the correct spelling of words is the inability to understand what you read too.
  • Because without knowing how words are wrotten, you can not know them what they are and what they mean. Although it is very different from Turkish, over time, you will become master on all the words and get eye familiarity. For this, you need to study constantly, spend time for studying English every day, and include English in your daily life. The secret to success is to work hard. Some words can be difficult to write and take time to learn. For this reason, study harder on the words that are forcing you and you are mixing them up when you write.

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