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Is it Possible to Learn English by Memorization?

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Learning by memorizing sentences in English is of course possible and even very enjoyable. Moreover, this way English can be learned in a shorter time. Just like we don’t need to study to learn our own language. We learn our own language by imitating what we heard in our childhood and start speaking. British and American babies learn English the same way . So why not we learn by imitating.

Memorizing English is both a learning and a study technique. And it is a personal preference. And people who choose this technique state that learning English by memorization is much more practical. So how will you learn with this technique?

You will memorize sentences in English as they are. You will memorize them by heart and then make words similar to them. For example “what is your name” is asking your age. In this way, you will memorize the sentence without splitting it into individual elements. And when you will need this you will use it. One more example; “it is none of your business” means it dosent concern you. So you will memorize this phrase literally and use it whenever you need it.

This way, you won’t have to memorize words one by one and learn grammar. Grammar is essential for teaching English, not for speaking. Teachers must know grammar, but not essential for those who will not use English for something like this. They can also learn English by memorizing. You can note down the sentences you hear in American films and memorize them. It will be very useful because those sentences are the most used in English in daily language and you cannot learn all of them in schools or courses. Or you can do the same thing for the songs in English. You can learn by memorizing many sentences by memorizing songs and you can use them later on.

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