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In Which Professions It Is Necessary To Know English?

English is not only a language spoken in daily life, but also a widely used language in professional fields. This means you need to know English to progress in your profession and to keep up to date with the latest developments. Let’s take a look at the professions that require English.

  • Health Workers

If you are a doctor, nurse, laborent or chemist, you must know English. Results of all studies in medicine around the world are presented in English.

  • Tourism

As we all know, the indispensable part of tourism is English. Hotels, tourism agencies, tour guides, translators all serve in the tourism industry and the way to serve customers from abroad is to know English.

  • Journalism

Journalists need to know English to be able to follow world events and to report worldwide.

  • Insurance Companies

People need insurance both in intornational trade and travel, so English is also very important in this profession.

  • Engineering

Engineering faculties in our country give a great place to English education. In engineering, English is required to follow an invention, technique or study anywhere in the world.

  • Cinema

Even the world’s biggest movie awards ceremony is held in America. Isn’t that just enough for filmmakers to speak English? In addition, filmmakers must know English in order to be aware of developments or changes in the cinema industry.

  • Bureaucracy

English is a requirement for government officials to communicate with bureaucrats from other countries. Whether those bureaucrats visit their countries or host them, their knowledge of English will ensure better mutual communication without intermediaries.

  • Guides

Guides use English while taking tourists around. Of course, there is guidance in other languages but the common language of the world is still English. For this reason, English is the most preferred language in communication.

  • Bankers

Import and Export requires bankers to speak English because in intornational trade, banks serve not only domestically but also abroad.

  • Translators

It does not necessary to say that in order to be an English translator, it is essential to know English.

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