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How to Study English

Studying English requires a systematic study based on a plan. It does not matter if your time is limited it is important to schedule this limited time in the most efficient way is to study.

Whatever you do, stick to your plan. After a while this plan is goig to be  part of your life and indispensable. Excuses like I will start today and ı continue tomorrow it will you undermine.

  • Always give priority to lecturing. If you study by yourself on internet or with the books examine the lecturing first. But not once or twice. You must continue until you understand it literally very well. Taking tests is indispensable for language learning.
  • Taking tests is indispensable for language learning. Both to reinforce what you have learned and required to learn new words.
  • Imitate English conversations in English movies, TV shows or videos you listen to them. With the same way the text you see with the voice you hear by watching movies and TV series with subtitles you must associate.

Reading is most helpful for learning English. Reading English texts you receive ensure you to go a long way.

And push yourself constantly. Take tests above your own level. Your own level read the books on it. And don’t hesitate to talk. Talk even badly. Day by day you will be better.

It will be useful to take online tests to see how well you are at what subject.

You can solve English tests online on the subject you want via the links listed below.

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