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How to learn English at home

how to learn english at home

Thinking about how to learn English at home? If you want to learn English sitting at home, this article is for you.

You can learn English by working from home. You can practice English at home by using the opportunities on the Internet correctly.

Learning English at home is easy with a lot of practice. You can improve your grammar knowledge. But you might miss the tricks. You can improve your speaking skill. But you may not be able to develop your speaking skill properly in a language test.

Since you are researching the subject of learning English at home, you have started reading this article. While researching on the internet, you learned that you need to listen to podcasts, watch TV series or movies, play word games, start thinking in English and put English into the flow of your life. The activities you can do alone while working at home are limited.

In this article, we will talk about how you should apply these recommendations to improve your English language skills.

Listening to podcasts is very helpful in improving your foreign language. You should listen constantly while walking on the road, waiting for a friend in a cafe, or doing sports. Podcasts are specially developed to improve the foreign language. You can choose according to your interests. You can improve it by listening to recipes. You can also improve by listening to football matches or stories. As you listen to native English speakers, you become audibly accustomed to new words. You start practicing how to ask and answer questions. There are two techniques to learn English by listening to podcasts. One is the emphasis of speech translation and the other is the imitation technique.

You can improve your English by watching TV series or movies at home. You should listen to Turkish first by choosing a series. You must have a good command of the chapter’s dialogues and topic. Then watch with English original and Turkish subtitles. Do not watch this over and over. Repeat as you watch. You can move on to the second part after you learn each dialogue well by doing it 50 times. What you did in the first part, you must do in the second or other parts. While watching TV series, the brain starts to become familiar with English. Begins to record phrases or words. You don’t realize you’re recording it. While you are improving your English, after a certain period of time, the brain allows you to use the words you hear frequently from your memory. English is learned by watching TV series or movies at home. But you have to be patient. If you want to improve your foreign language in a short time, you should not be prejudiced to watch 50 times. You should be patient. At first, you watch it 50 times, and in the following episodes you will see that you don’t need it.

Most people say to learn grammar rules, watch TV series, listen to songs, listen to podcasts. You have to do these for practice. But you should also study the right basic language rules. When we start learning our native language as a child, we take grammar lessons to speak correctly. You should also improve your grammar in order to get used to the correct spelling of words and learn how sentences are formed.

Having a lot of vocabulary is also important when learning a new language. You can play English word games on your mobile phone to learn new words permanently. After you start learning words with single player word games for the first time, you can start playing two player games. Since you will be your playmate in two player games, you can practice both speaking and writing. While playing, you should remember this. Those who want to improve their English like you can play these games. You should not think that the other party uses sentence structures correctly, speaks or writes correctly. If you know the software of a word differently, you should definitely check it from a dictionary. Words learned by reinforcing with a memory are learned more permanently.

Another way you can practice a foreign language is transcription studies. This method improves your speaking, listening and writing skills. It is one of the best methods. But it is one of the least practiced exercises by English learners. You can search for specially developed transcription reviews on the Internet. You can find the necessary information by searching for English learning by examining transcription to search engines.

You should definitely read story books to improve your English at home. On some sites on the Internet, it is recommended to force yourself to start reading. Difficulty starting to learn a new language can reduce motivation. That’s why you should start with specially prepared storybooks suitable for the beginner level. Do not listen to it every night before going to sleep. Reading allows us to become visually familiar with the rules of that language. At first we do not realize that we are starting to learn. But it works for the brain.

You can create your own word cards. You should aim to learn 10 new words and 1 idiom each day. It is very important that you learn one of the most frequently used idioms every day. because when you see the idioms in the sentence and look at the meanings of the words one by one, the sentence may seem meaningless. Starting to learn idioms will save you a lot of time when you see them in a sentence.

When you start learning a foreign language, you should also pay attention to how you speak Turkish. It will be very useful for you to learn English tenses if you pay attention to which suffixes you add while talking about tenses while speaking Turkish.

While developing a foreign language, you should do all the advice methods as a whole. Indeed, after a certain period of time, the enthusiasm of those who start working at home can fade. You can get support from an educational institution to keep you motivated and keep your enthusiasm going. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to taking the course is the lack of time. Today, there are online English courses suitable for every budget. You set the time and place. While you are taking online training to improve your basic knowledge and vocabulary at first, you can start to register for online speaking practice classes after a certain period of time. The biggest advantage of speaking practice classes is that you have a trainer who will talk to you with the right rules. The ways you can practice your English will increase your courage to speak. Your speaking and listening skills begin to develop. But in order to speak correctly, it is right to try to speak under the control of an instructor. We go to school to improve our mother tongue as well. When we listen to a Turkish speaker, we can understand whether the speaker is educated or not from his speech or sentences. It is important to get the right education for English as well. At the beginning, it will be very important that you learn and develop it correctly. It is difficult to change the wrong later.

In online training, you can take one-on-one lessons, or you can take group lessons. It doesn’t matter which city you live in. It is enough to have internet and computer. If you need to go out of town while studying, you will not interrupt your education. Because it is distance education, you can continue the course from wherever you go. When researching an Online English Course, you should search for speech-focused courses. At first, you can only learn grammar rules in classical education institutions. In speech-oriented educational institutions, your speaking skill begins to develop. There are educational institutions that allow you to learn English by speaking, especially from the first day. You can research them.

When you are enrolled in an online English course, you should not think that you will not do the practical methods we mentioned above, that you do not need to. You improve yourself by talking to a trainer with the right rules. Other practical methods improve your vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. It helps your brain to encode sentence patterns. You observe how some words are used with different meanings. Because you can see that a word you learned while working alone is not used in another sentence. Some words can have more than one meaning. Sometimes it can have the same meaning with other words. You have to keep practicing with these tips to get used to them.

To learn English at home, start getting support with online training at the beginning. Start applying your other practical methods. Join the list of those who can speak English as soon as possible.

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