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How Long Does It Take to Learn English?

8 Ways to Learn English Faster

Everyone’s learning period and speed is different, but it should be known that learning English is not something that can happen in a short time. English can’t be learned in 1 week, 1 month or 3 months.

Some experts say by studing hard it takes 2 years. But knowing that you cannot speak English fluently or perfectly after 2 years will prevent you from being disappointed afterwards.

You will be speaking more or less after you have learned English grammar thoroughly and dominate all the subjects in English, but being able to speak English fully and to be able to express yourself correctly.   is another process. After that, it’s time to use what you’ve learned and integrate English into your life, which will now be a lifelong process. In order to be able to speak fluently, you must speak English whenever you get the chance. You should prepare the conditions for the practice and, if it is possible, practice by speaking to native English speakers or people who speak English very well.

If you already learn English and do not use it, you will forget everything you have learned and all your efforts will be wasted. You must have a purpose if you wanna learn English otherwise you should never start if you learn aimlessly, just to be learned. For example, those who decide to settle abroad, those who need to know English due to their job, and those who want to do a doctorate at the university definitely need to learn English. If they do not speak English, they can not achieve their goal.

Time and patience are always needed to learn a new language, not just English. You should focus on how to be successful, not time. The best time is to start right away. Good luck dear guys.

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