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Going Abroad to Learn English

It is an issue on which different thoughts have been spoken for a long time. Some says that language cannot be learned without going abroad. Others say that the language can be learned without going abroad. We are thinking of both sides are right. however there is a situation that should not be overlooked.

If you have background and ıf you know the language rules of English this will give you an advantage abroad. Language education needs a certain knowledge and interest. The main thing is to want to learn and take a step for this. Only this way we can achieve success. After establishing this background and knowledge you can learn English whether you are abroad or domestically.

Is It Necessary to Go Abroad to Learn English?

Not. But there are a few positive sides to studying English abroad. First one because you are exposed to English you inevitably start learning. So in everyday life when you come across frequently, you have to learn. Secondly; You won’t have any difficulty practicing. Because in a place where English is spoken you will have a chance to chat and practice with everyone. Third and last; You will be in the same environment with people eager to learn languages ​​like you. Your willingness to learn will increase and you will work in a more motivated way.

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