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Easy Ways to Learn English Vocabulary

  • First of all, you need to read a lot. Because you will encounter new words in the books, newspapers and websites you read and you will add these words to your vocabulary.
  • Memorize the words. Again. Again. And again. Because the way to learn new words is through memorization.
  • Buy or make wordcard for yourself. You can learn the words by carrying these cards, which are made up of different words for each week or each month, together at home, at work and wherever you go.
  • It is easier to memorize interesting words than daily words. So you can choose interesting words and work on them. However, these words need not only be interesting, but also useful. Otherwise, you will fill your mind with unnecessary words.
  • It is another way to integrate English words into your daily life. So you can stick the papers on which you write the words in your home, on your computer and on your work desk. In this way, you will learn new words without realizing it.
  • Get an English dictionary and learn the words by reading it.

You can learn vocabulary by playing various games with word learning content on the internet or mobile phone or by preparing games by yourself.

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