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American English or British English?

The country where English is used the most is America and then the United Kingdom. American English is used in United States and British English is used in United Kingdom. British English is widely used in the media and literature sector and has a traditional form.

American English is more prominent in movies and music. Generally the differences between the two; We can list them as pronunciation, grammar, language form, vocabulary, spelling mistakes, punctuation marks, idioms, dates and formatting of numbers.

There is a distinct difference in accent between the English language spoken in both England and America. British people have a more charming and heavy accent. On the other hand American English, lags slightly behind British English and is not as rich and charming as British English.

Despite these differences, these two languages, which have similar aspects as well, are used all over the world, and someone who understands American English can also understand British English. Already, while English is being taught, both are taught. For example, the spelling and pronunciation of a text in British English and its spelling and pronunciation in American English are being given together. On the other hand, The same word can mean different things between both languages. Since both English can be seen everywhere, it is useful to learn the spelling, pronunciation, meaning and grammar differences between these two languages.

The difference in pronunciation between the two languages ​​is more than writing. There is almost no difference in the spelling of some words. British English is taught in schools as it is more prominent in professional and educational life and is more widely used.

The good thing is that some scientists predict that the differences between these two languages ​​will be eliminated in the coming years. Thus, it is aimed to use a single English without causing confusion in the world.

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