About Us

EnglishTestWay.com is a completely free education website where you can solve the most current and the best online English tests prepared for you. You can solve all of the English tests online and free on our website.

You can ask those you do not understand through comments and get an answer back as soon as possible from our instructors.  Besides the tests, you can find the instructive videos and take the exams about the videos on our website.

We aim to offer you a free English education service with a completely user-driven interface.

Through placement tests, you can find which level you should pursue and you can get through to the next level by solving the appropriate tests.

What can you find on our website?

  • English tests in different categories
  • Placement tests for every level
  • You can solve any test by adding it to your favorites
  • Reading and listening tests

All of these tests mentioned above can be solved online on our website. And all is free!