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6 Reasons to Learn English!

reasons to learn english

English is one of the indispensable languages that we encounter in all areas of our lives. English is a value that gives you an advantage and adds to your life in the field of education, business life, in short, in everyday matters.

If you have thoughts that my English is not enough or that I am late to learn English, we have listed the reasons why you should put aside and start learning English today.

You will learn a world language!

English is the mother tongue of 400 million people in the world today. This will give you an advantage in almost every aspect. English, which is spoken by 1 billion people in the world, has the power to open new doors even in areas you cannot imagine.

Enjoy the culture and art world

The fact that English is known by nearly a billion people makes it stand out in other fields. One of these areas is culture, arts and entertainment… Many quality cult movies as well as TV series are in English. At the same time, English comes first in printed content. Hollywood movies, Bollywood cinema for alternative seekers and much more will become a real joy for you after learning English.

Take your education life beyond the limits!

One of the sine qua non for education is English. Even if you are a person who has completed undergraduate education, you will need English for the master’s and the next process, in order to bring yourself among the professionals professionally. You will be able to access hundreds of thousands of scientific and academic articles, examine the studies and take your education to a very advanced level.

English in business life

One of the areas where English is most important is business life. English is one of the most important forces that will help you gain momentum in business life. Knowing English is a serious advantage in business meetings, fairs and similar events. In the corporate world, knowing English is not something that is sought anymore, it is seen as a “must have” hardware. Seeking second, third foreign languages.

If you want to join mid-level and senior level managers and make a difference in your industry in our world where trade is globalized, you should start learning English today.

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The language of the internet is English!

Our lives now have an internet-focused online aspect. It is getting harder and harder to spend time without internet and internet connected services. English is also the language of the internet. 85 percent of all websites in the world offer services in English. If you use English while doing research on any subject, the knowledge you will reach will be much wider.

Learning English is much easier than in the past!

Although the importance of English is different for everyone, the result is common, yes; everyone should definitely learn English! However, English now has a different aspect than our world 20-30 years ago. That is, compared to the past, we can access English education documents very easily, we have much more chance to learn English!

With the advantage of learning English on the Internet, we can learn English by watching English videos, by doing research on reading English content on the internet, and without being ‘buried in books’ as before, and most importantly, without the obligation to go abroad for a long time.

It is now very easy and free to see how your English level is by solving online tests prepared for English learning.

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