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33 English idioms and meanings

English idioms

In English, idioms take up a lot of space, and everyday colloquial language is almost entirely in composed of idioms. And it is impossible to speak and understand English without learning these idioms.

Below you will find the most common phrases in English. You should definitely memorize them.

  1. Come across means to meet.

For example; I come across a man at the bus station every morning.

  1. It dosent make diffirence  means it doesn’t matter.

For example; Where would you like to eat? It dosent make difference.

  1. Have nothing to do with means not have a relationship

For example; I have nothing to do with this job.

  1. Every dog has its day means everyone has a lucky day.

For example; You have won, after all every dog has its day.

  1. To quit cold Turkey means to quit something immediately

For example; I am so impressed that you quit smoking cold Turkey.

  1. Mark my words means I will be right you will see.

For example; Mark my words, they will be divorced soon.

  1. To go with the flow means let things slide.

For example; Be relaxed and go with the flow.

  1. Rain or shine means in one way or another.

For example; Rain or shine you will find a solution.

  1. It’s up to you means you know.

For example; Do you want to go or stay? It’s up to you.

  1. Once a blue moon means very rarely.

For example; I only get to see my family once in a blue moon, now that I live in Spain.

  1. So far so good means everything is okay for now.

For example; How are you? So far so good.

  1. Go bananas used when someone become so angry and excited.

For example; My son is making me go bananas when he dosent pay me attention.

  1. Fomo means fear of missing out

For example; I am really tired, but I had to get the job because fomo.

  1. Fat cat means a wealty and powerful person.

For example; I know that man; he is one of the guys is a  fat cat in the company.

  1. A piece of Cake means to do a job, work, project and so on is very easy to do.

For example; Dont worry! To explain the situaiton is a piece of cake for me.

  1. Rise and shine used when someone wakes someone up.  

For example; Come on boys  wake up, rise and shine.

  1. Eye candy means very charming and beautiful.

For example; She is eye candy.

  1. Let you know means ı will tell you later.

For example; I will let you know the concert time later.

  1. Get in touch or keep in touch means to contact.

For example; We have to get in touch with the doctor soonest. Or we have to keep in touch the doctor soonest

  1. Make your/my/her/his/their/our mind means to decide.

For example; You must make your mind soonest because he    is about to leave.

  1. Miss the boat means miss the chance.

For example; Hi sir, Can I apply for a job.

Soory you have missed the boat. We stopped taking the applications yesterday.

  1. How come means why?

For example; How come you study English?

  1. Tag Along means when someone dosen’t ask  you to  come with you.

For example; The dog tagged along with me all day long.

  1. Be a man of his word means the person who does exactly   what it says.

For example; Are you a man of your word?

  1. Hit the sack means to go to bed.

For example; Soory guys, I have to leave now and hit the sack, I am very sleepy.

  1. Have a blast means to have a great time.

For example; The children always have a blast in the park when they go.

  1. Tomboy means a girl that behave and put the clothes on like a boy.

For example; We have a tomboy in our class.

  1. Fast Fashion means cheap, trendy clothing.

For example; We are against waste and fast fashion.

  1. Smize means tos mile with the eyes.

For example; I just need to learn how to smize.

  1. Sleepyhead means to love sleep too much and want to sleep all day long.

For example; Come on, sleepyhead, let’s get you to bed.

  1. Cool as a cucumber means to be calm down when you are exciting and stressful.

For example; They always get depressed when they speak to their families on the phone, but their son is as cool as a cucumber.

  1. Long stroy short used when you don’t want to tell all the details.

For example; Long story short, we have to look for a new house for us.

  1. To smell a rat used when something is not happening correctly or something is not going on corretcly. Used when there is something strange.

For example; I smelt a a rat when I have arrived home. I felt suspicious on something already.

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